About Us

The Concept

Here at Shoes Shoes Shoes we understand women’s need for constant retail therapy, so new designs are unveiled on our shelves every month for ultimate customer satisfaction. Limited pieces of shoes, clothing and accessories ensure a quick turnaround of product selection and give the customer a sense of uniqueness in ownership of one very special item. Furthermore at our little Shoe Shangri-la, clothing and accessories such as jewellery, bags and belts are available to complement the shopper and her shoe, befitting our aim to be a one-stop shop heaven for the shoe enthusiast.

Besides the strong product appeal of our brand in its designs, exclusivity and price point, the store in itself sets it apart from other shoe brands in the market. We have created a shopping space that welcomes all women (and men) and encourages the leisure activity of browsing and trying on our products. Its girly, warm and unshoe-shop like characteristic allows our customers to spend time in our shoe haven to indulge in their fetishes in comfort and with no time constraint or pressure. Furthermore we have planned for the space to be flexible to accommodate for changes in the feel and display of the shop. This makes it an ever-changing and exciting experience for the customer.
One thing we pride in at ShoesShoesShoes is our personal relationship with all our customers. We seek to build honest, long lasting relationships with our customers, through dedicated, personal customer service, supported by pro-active and personalised recommendations for each individual. Stylists are available to guide our customers the right way in the fulfillment of their needs, and also for head to toe transformations.

Our objectives

We at Shoes Shoes Shoes feel that it is our obligation to provide a shoe haven for shoe lovers to escape and be pampered. We want our customers to not only find the right pair of shoes, clothes or accessories for them, but we also want them to feel like they have received the best possible service from us. When they have purchased something from us, our relationship with them does not end with that purchase. We offer cobbler services for our shoes, alterations for our clothes and repairs for our accessories. We are dedicated in ensuring the customers that we care about our products and how well they serve their owners.

Our vision

Shoes Shoes Shoes has very quickly from scratch become a cult shoe brand and a one-stop shop brand in Malaysia. We hope to meet the increasing demand in the future by expanding our outlets in Malaysia and consequently, worldwide. We do, however, keep to the vision of being an exclusive brand. Each store will still be stocked with an exclusive number of pieces, which keeps the fashionista yearning for more and not hesistate to make that purchase when stocks first come in. In essence, “you lose if you snooze!”.  However regular monthly introductions of new styles will ensure that the shopping experience with us still remains oh-so exciting. As much as our focus is always on the shoes, the monthly introduction of new clothing and accessories pieces also ensures the same customer has a reason to come by to ShoesShoesShoes at least once a month, if its not to purchase a pair of shoes, then she can pick up a great dress complemented with our quirky and unique accessories!

Apart from exclusivity, we remain dedicated in serving our customers as best as possible. We strive to ensure that our customers still get to enjoy the same shopping experience no matter which store they happen to visit.

The Products

Shoes,Shoes,Shoes introduces a range offers beautiful shoes whether for work, play or evening do’s where a dazzling pair is a must. Materials of good quality are of utmost importance such as calf leather, lamb leather, snake skin and imported fabrics. Prices only range from RM150 to mid RM300 as we have made it our mission to offer affordable high fashion shoes. We firmly believe that every woman should be able to purchase a pretty shoe ever so often, or even more than one at a go! As the name goes . . . Shoes,Shoes,Shoes. Catering from its ever growing popular main line, Shoes Shoes Shoes has also launched brand extensions with the launches of ShoesShoesShoes Bridal in 2010 and ShoesShoesShoes Bambini in 2011. To cater for the growing ever evolving discerning ShoesShoesShoes customer, we also launched a higher end range of shoes namely “ShoesShoesShoes L U X E”, featuring an array of premium styles produced using the best quality leather and materials.

We have also expanded into carrying international brands outside of our own in house designs, namely Quay, For Love & Lemons, Keepsake, Cameo and Finderskeepers from Australia, Noir from New York, and also Erickson Beamon from London. This reflects the growing stable of brands housed under ShoesShoesShoes, and reflective of the profile of customers that are loyal to us.

ShoesShoesShoes has also transformed into one of Malaysia’s leading multi-label stores supporting local and regional designers. We have since managed to curate a variety of up and coming as well as established designers such as Alia Bastamam, Afiq M, Ezzati Amira, Frankitas, Innai, Melinda Looi, Nurita Harith, Pu3, Samantha Sherina by Thian, Syomir Izwa and Zakwan Anuar amongst many others. 

Our designs are always a spin on the classics. Classics are timeless but are predictable. We strive to make our designs classic and also current. Our designs always start with the construction of a classic style of shoe, ballerina flats for example, progresses with embellishments or use of exotic skins to make them more suited for today’s fashion and ends with a well-designed pair of shoes that will serve their owners for many years to come.

We do not believe anyone should suffer for the sake of fashion. Self-confessed high-heeled addicts that we are at Shoes Shoes Shoes, we have developed the perfect mold to produce our towering 5inch platforms that are kind to the feet. Our platforms are our “star product”. When they wear our platforms, customers are assured that they will receive the additional boost in height but without the discomfort on their lower backs and knees. In addition to that, our shoes are produced from good quality leather to ensure maximum comfort and the longevity of the shoe. Materials are hand selected and current with the seasons. We also love to play around with exotic skins as they add such a beautiful texture to the designs. We have also developed the cutest and quirkiest shoe box ever! Functioning like a paper bag, our shoe boxes come with a long ribbon which allows our customers to tote the boxes straight out of the shop. Besides saving on cost of paper bags, it also serves as a great marketing tool for us when people are spotted in the street or mall toting our unique polka-dotted boxes!

Our Collection

Every month, new shoe designs are unveiled in our stores. Our collections are designed to ensure they consist of a good mix of styles; from flats to sandals to wedges to heels to platforms and pumps, and also incorporate the seasons and current trends.

Flats are a growing more and more popular amongst our customers. Amongst the more popular style of flats are our bendy flats, which we emphasise on comfort and the quality of leathers used.  The softest materials are used to ensure they are great walking shoes, and at the same time the design makes the shoes stand out on its own!
Sandals are a staple footwear in our hot Asian climate. Though they are more for casual wear and easy shoes to slip in and out, we also carry a range of embellished sandals that have been hot favourites for wedding functions and beach parties as they provide comfort with just a touch of glitz.

Wedges were often seen as footwear of choice for the more classic and mature women. Our modern designs, however, have changed the perception that wedges are not for the young or the young at heart. More and more people are in favour of wedges and they are fast becoming one of our most sellable styles due to the height attained without the sacrifice of comfort! Pumps are classics and are popular amongst the working crowd. We vary our designs to suit the conservative requirements at work places but we always add a little something to the designs to make them unique. Platforms are, by far, the hot sellers in our stores. We make them high enough for their wearers to touch the sky, but we do not make their wearers sacrifice their comfort for the extra inches they gain wearing them. The thick platforms ensure that the arch of the shoes is kept at a reasonable angle and that the pressure induced by walking is absorbed sufficiently.

Our Service

We, at ShoesShoesShoes, take much pride in our service. It is more important to gain a customer’s trust then it is to make a sale. We ensure that we listen to their wants and needs and that we attend to them as best as we can. We believe such honest and dedicated service leads to developing a long term relationship with our customers, ensuring repeat business and more dollar spend per customer. We have a vision in which we want customers to come to us to be dressed head to toe. We encourage our customers to start with shoes and work their way up. We want to transform the everyday woman into a Glamazon because we believe women feel empowered when they are dressed to conquer the world.

Personal stylists are available for such transformations, or just the general matching of items from head to toe. We have seen over the years that there is a growing market of women who either do not have the time to shop around, or who have a growing interest in fashion but does not know where and how to start. Of course, we at ShoesShoesShoes are there to help them!

ShoesShoesShoes also believes in the power of the internet, leveraging on the global platform to reach out to our existing fans around the world.  Besides connecting through social media (Facebook, Twitter and more), ShoesShoesShoes is also growing its online sales points through its newly established website.

*All products are inc of GST, unless stated otherwise*