Arissa X

2016 sees fashion entrepreneur and one of Singapore’s most followed trendsetters, Arissa Cheo, making her first foray into ready-to-wear, bringing together a debut collection. In designing her first collection, Arissa dug deep, drawing upon the experiences and references that make up her distinctive look. From the time she spent studying in Los Angeles; to her obsession with all things related to “girl culture”, citing pop icons like Aaliyah, Jane Birkin and Vanessa Paradis as points of inspiration combined with the irreverence of 90s supermodels and her jet-set lifestyle.

A distillation of Arissa’s personal style, the pieces in the collection make up a wardrobe of carefully curated designs. Of which, some are inspired by Arissa’s signature styling tricks reinterpreted through trompe l’oeil details while others rework her penchant for mixing glamour with tropes of rock ‘n roll fashion and grunge.

ARISSA X Collection No.1 RTW was recently featured at Singapore Fashion Week, October 2016. Shoes Shoes Shoes will soon be launching her full collection designs in Kuala Lumpur on 4th March 2017.