Syaiful Baharim

Immediately recognizable for his crisp and tailored look, Syaiful Baharim injects modern and urban touches breathing freshness and modern sophistication. It is no wonder that Syaiful appeals to the fashionable woman who appreciates beautiful well-made clothes that stand out. His penchant is to delight and titillate, mixing lace with modern encrusted bijoux beadwork, juxtaposing linens with fine silks, placing Peranakan Nyoya embroidery on Malay songket, cutting tweed for traditional garments, melding stiff fabric with petal like flowing chiffon, effortlessly merging eastern silhouettes with western styles, that consistently yield unexpected results but always wearable, always appropriate.

Recognizing that every woman is unique, Syaiful customizes individual looks, but always with the distinctive Syaiful Baharim stamp. The woman who wears S.Baharim by Syaiful exudes a quiet confidence with her own style and flair, but love to be challenged and delighted.