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Posted: Apr 21 2017


Meet Ung Yiu Lin, founder and designer of ShoesShoesShoes and KLutched as she chats about the evolution of these KL-based brands, the importance of good value and how she juggles work and life while staying sassy and chic.

When people say dreams do come true, that’s exactly what happened to Ung Yiu Lin, founder and designer of ShoesShoesShoes and KLutched. “10 years ago, it started with a dream of wanting all Malaysian ladies to be able to afford walking out of a store with 3 fabulous well-made shoes and without feeling guilty”, says Yiu Lin. That’s how the moniker, ShoesShoesShoes came about.

A brand that offers the latest trends in footwear and accessories, made of quality materials, at a great price was Yiu Lin’s ultimate goal. ShoesShoesShoes naturally evolved from shoes and clutches to clothes. “We have expanded our shoe line to bridal and kids shoes too, head to toe solutions from sunglasses to bags and clothing”, added Yiu Lin.

KLutched came about, as Yiu Lin wanted a business model as opposed to the one she had for ShoesShoesShoes. The latter was more focused on actual physical retail expansion and besides being capital intensive, it was also very tiring and she was bogged down with HR related issues. Therefore, KLutched took on a distributorship model. “We sold to stockists on a wholesale basis, through trade shows such as Tranoi in Paris. This gave me a good balance between managing ShoesShoesShoes and my new label, KLutched,” said Yiu Lin.

A mother of two beautiful daughters, Yiu Lin definitely lives up to her motto of “living life to the fullest.” One can see how passionate she is about what she does, multitasking between motherhood and work, still making time for her friends, family and husband, while travelling for work and leisure. What’s more, she does this with absolute ease, looking sassy and chic.

Her fashion style resembles a chameleon. She could go from corporate-chic for business meetings, to edgy-fun for a fashion event. To her, fashion is fun, experimenting with different looks by pushing the envelope when it comes to style but also to remain comfortable and confident. “Yes, I always wear my own brand or brands that we sell in the stores. I have always been an avid supporter of local and regional talents’.

“The most important criteria when doing a collaboration is to make sure that both parties would achieve a win-win outcome. It can’t be one-sided.”

Yiu Lin’s academic background in Accounting and Finance and Applied Finance helped frame her way of thinking. “It gave me a sharp analytical thought process, which is a strong fundamental in building the blocks of any business,” she said.

When you walk into any four of ShoesShoesShoes outlets, you can also see many other local brands such as Ezurin Laboratories, Thavia, Alia Bastamam, Ezzati Amira and more. Yiu Lin believes that she is her own customer; therefore she only chooses brands and collections that she feels strongly about and that she would buy and wear. “I always like to apply the concept of “good value” to all the items that we sell in the stores, that a customer walks away knowing that they got a good buy, and it’s something unique or different as to what’s out there in the market.”

In the near future, Yiu Lin will be creating a ShoesShoesShoes capsule clothing collection for Raya 2017. “Since my business was funded by my own capital, I never had much (or any) of an Advertising and Promotion budget. Our Facebook and Instagram pages really allowed us to show our unique identity and products to an audience that stretches beyond the areas where our stores are located and even to an international audience.”

Visit ShoesShoesShoes at one of these outlets or shop online. All images courtesy of ShoesShoesShoes.

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