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Posted: Mar 23 2017

Malaysians using social media to help build their fashion brands
March 22, 2017  By: Bervin Cheong

These days, you don’t have to be in the front row to really have a good look at the latest runway designs. From live streams to instant snaps, fashion has become accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone.

Businesses in the industry are quick to catch on. Building a presence on social media is now a must as well. No reputable fashion brand would be caught dead without at least a Facebook page or Instagram account.

The right footing

Not every brand has to create a special identity to engage customers though. It certainly helps if the owner is already active on social media. Take for example Ung Yiu Lin of ShoesShoesShoes.

The 37-year-old updates her personal Instagram regularly, and does the same for her business. Both Ung and the ShoesShoesShoes accounts have a combined following of 93,000.

Ung is a recognisable face as it is. Married to former squash world No. 10 Mohd Azlan Iskandar, she has also founded a second brand Klutched that sells chic bags.

While ShoesShoesShoes was launched in 2006 to offer affordable yet beautifully designed shoes, the brand’s store concept has since evolved into a head-to-toe solution for the busy working woman.

A statement on the website aptly reads: “ShoesShoesShoes also believes in the power of the Internet, leveraging on the global platform to reach out to our existing fans around the world.”

Besides connecting through social media (Facebook, Twitter and more), ShoesShoesShoes is also growing its online sales points through its newly established website.”

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